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We made it to Canada!

And received a warm welcome at the New Brunswick visitor center.

Southwest view of H-95 from the visitor center.

Flowers at the visitor center.

Lupine along the roadside.

Very green and very hilly around here.

That is one very long covered bridge.

Hartland is very proud of their covered bridge.


We walked across on the pedestrian walkway along the left side.

Cross timbers under the roadway are about 12"x 16" and spaced about...

In the walkway.

View of the Saint John River from the walkway.

Right beside the world's longest covered bridge is (perhaps?) the world's highest...

Can you see Da Honu waiting for us on the other side...

(Ron Writing) Our mail arrived this morning at about 10 AM. After we went through it and took care of responding to some of it we had lunch and then headed east for Canada on I-95. The border is only about 3 miles from Houlton. We breezed through Customs without a problem – in fact they never even asked to see our IDs or passports. Just asked a few questions and allowed us to go ahead.

Our first stop was the New Brunswick Visitor Center, a couple miles into Canada. We picked up maps and information about the area and then headed a short distance north to Hartland, NB. Hartland has the world’s longest covered bridge. We stopped to take a look, walked around town, and stopped at a bank to get some Canadian currency from their ATM. We then drove south on Hwy 105 along the east side of the Saint John River. This is a very scenic route with rolling hills, farms and small towns.

We also lost an hour today since we crossed into the Atlantic time zone at the Canadian border. We arrived in Woodstock NB at 5 PM and decided to park for the night at Wal*Mart. I purchased a Virgin Mobile prepaid cell phone to use here in Canada since using our Verizon phone in Canada is very expensive.

The weather was great again today and now at 9:45 PM it’s just getting dark.

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