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Big dark clouds at our new location, J & J Truck Service

Double rainbow



Tow #2 heading to J & J Truck Service

Getting ready to drop us off at J & J Truck Service

Being towed backward to the shop


Gallup Municipal Airport



Interesting old cannon

A prairie dog checking things out

We've moved to J & J Truck Service which is only about 3 miles from where we were at Action Auto & Truck Repairs. They have the same computer here that Cummins would have at their shops and the owner Jim and Quinn his lead mechanic and computer guru have been working so far unsuccessfully to resolve our problem. If they can't resolve it soon we'll have to be towed to the Cummins shop in Albuquerque. Hopefully that won't be necessary.

Coach Net, our towing service, has been quite impressive and helpful so far. They've paid for the 2 tows that we've already done and have committed to towing us to Albuquerque if that becomes necessary. I'm really hoping that we don't have to do that, but we'll do whatever is needed to get this resolved and us back on the road again.

When I made the decision to buy the Dutch Star and go on the road with it it was with the understanding that these kind of things are likely to happen from time to time, so this situation isn't freaking me out, or causing me undue stress. Fortunately Nancy is also being quite calm and flexible about all of this, as is the usual for her. Am I a lucky guy or what!! It is costing me money, but here again that's part of the deal when you're driving around in something as complex and as old as the Dutch Star is. From what I've heard, people who buy brand new rigs often have these kind of, and even worse issues. It's just part of the deal when you decide to get into serious RVing. If you're not prepared for these kind of things you probably shouldn't be RVing, in my opinion.

The Ranger is fixed and shifting better than it ever has, and it only cost me $600 instead of the $1200 that I paid to get it done in Gunnison 2 years ago, and this included a new master cylinder that wan't included in the Gunnison job. I was had in Gunnison, and in addition to that he screwed up the linkage on the 4 X 4 that I had to pay someone else to fix later. I don't remember the name of the shop in Gunnison or I'd put it on-line so that all of you could avoid him at all cost. It was a one man operation, and I had bad feelings about him from the start, but had no one else that could do it, and hence had to use him. What a shyster he was. That's the only time that I can remember that I've had a bad experience like that during my time on the road.

Nancy finally got a 3 mile walk in this morning and some of the pictures are from her walk.

The soap opera continues.....

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