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(Ron Writing) Rats, foiled again! We were all set to head out this morning but our mail didn’t arrive. We confirmed it was sent to the correct address so it should get here tomorrow. It is always sent by “priority mail” which the USPS says will take 2-3 days. We usually get it in 2 days but not this time.

So we had a relaxing day enjoying the beautiful weather. We did some more planning for the next leg of our travels, took a long walk, did some work on the computer, and Elena spent a little more time at the library.

Have you ever seen those maps of the USA that RVers have on their rig? As they travel they color in each state they’ve visited. We don’t have one of those but this afternoon I took the time to tabulate the states we’ve traveled and those we’ve yet to see. The results:

1) We’ve RVed in every state except eight (AK, CT, HI, MA, MN, NJ, ND, RI).

2) Among those 8 states one or both of us have either lived in or visited all except ND and RI.

But we still have a lot to see. We may have just driven through a corner of some of those states and not really explored it as thoroughly as we’d like.

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