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Long drive, too early.

Sort of a tunnel. Still dirty windshield.

Another park.

Yes, Gophie too.

Lots of scenery.




A little info.

Do you see all the faces in the rock.

The Group.

More scenery.

Petrified Dinosaurs.

More scenery.

An arch.

I honestly eliminated over half of these.

We didn't bring our motorhome for fear it wouldn't fit, Wrong.

One last scenery shot on the way out.

Okay, we travel alot and think we are good planners. For some reason we did not realize we had driven so far from Bryce Canyon when we came to Richfield. I think we were focused on finding a pool and activities for the kids.

We decided to spend one day and take the drive back to see Bryce Canyon (105 miles).

The kids slept most of the way there so they didn't know how long the drive was. With the car we could go the 80mph speed limit so it wasn't that bad.

Bryce is made up of statuesque rock features known as Hoodoos. Hoodoos are eroded out of the cliffs where rows of narrow walls. These thin walls of rock are called fins. Frost-wedging enlarges the cracks, creating holes or windows. Their tops eventually collapse, leaving a column.

There are 15 scenic stops as you drive through the park. Each is beautiful in it's own way. We drove to the last stop and then made the scenic stops on the way back. We again stopped at the lodge for lunch.

The kids spent the evening in the pool.

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