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Smokey as we drive

Usually this looks alot clearer- more smoke in the air

More mountain lions about


Walking in Cheyenne State Park





walking by a waterfall

came across this moth while walking

You can see the smoke from Black Forest fire

Garden of the Gods




Siamese Twins






Birds high up in the Red rocks

Northern Goshawks



Wednesday drove out to Cheyenne Mountain State Park where we hiked 3.5 miles saw Prairie Dogs there and a few more different wild flowers. Then drove onto another Park where we walked a few more trails.

The fires are still raging here in Black Forest as well as well as Canon City where we left. We get up in the morning and can smell the smoke and its 15-18 miles away there has been over 100 homes lost and loads of people evacuated it is 0% contained as I write this.

Canon City fire has done a lot of damage as well, 48 out of 52 buildings burnt down, the old locomotive & carriage that I put a photo off on the blog also is no longer there. There is damage as well to the bridge 32 planks have got to be replaced but otherwise the bridge was saved. We had seen pictures of the fire at Royal Gorge Bridge & Park and it now looks nothing like what we visited.



We drove to The Garden of the Gods it was just over 2 miles away, first we went into the visitor centre got trail maps then went to listen to a talk about the wildlife in the park. We then drove to one of the first parking lots then walked on the Palmer Trail it was meant to be 3 miles but we got lost a bit so came back a different way ended up walking nearly 5 miles. Lots of the red rocks have names we saw Siamese Twins, Kissing Camels and lots of others. As we walked we spotted 2 baby birds high up in the red rocks they were Northern Goshawks.

The loss of homes on the Black Forest fire has now risen to 360 with 2 lives lost as well, we hear fire engines constantly going past the campsite, so many people now homeless with lots of others having to evacuate just for safety reasons.

There are more tornadoes hitting about 60 miles away what will be next!!!!

Friday we planned to drive to Cripple Creek but heard there was a fire in the area there so gave that a miss today ended up just shopping & relaxing. There was a Rodeo on in Cripple Creek tonight so we will now miss that as well.

The weather is still very hot out here hitting the 90's some days.

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