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Julia on Friday night (she washed all those dinner dishes and can...

Preparing to enter the museum.

Do you see Mark, Julia, and Willis at the top of the...

Lunch in downtown Gettysburg.

The top of the Pennsylvania monument.

Can you tell I'm happy?

Playing around in the Gettysburg Museum Bookstore.

My "Reb" and my "Yank"... a match made in heaven.

How's this hat?

Mark and Julia pitching their tent.

What an absolutely tremendously wonderful weekend! My heart is happy and very content after our weekend with Mark and Julia.

Mark and Julia finished their week of work and arrived safely to our place Friday night where I had a roast dinner, complete with angel food pumpkin cake, waiting for them upon their arrival. The four of us caught up on events and family talk during dinner and late into the evening until our eyes became heavy and we were forced to give in and go to our beds for some much needed sleep. With Mark and Julia snuggled safely for the night in their sleeping bags on our living room floor, I slept a deep contented sleep knowing all was well in my world and feeling ever so thankful for my wonderful family.

Saturday we rose to a fresh day. After I happily fixed my family breakfast we four headed out to see the battlefields of Gettysburg. Mark and Julia took us to the Gettysburg Museum Experience, which includes a film titled “A New Birth of Freedom” narrated by Morgan Freeman, and then we viewed the Gettysburg Cyclorama program. I don’t see how anybody could watch that movie, or visit this museum, and not feel great sadness for those people who were wounded or died fighting on both sides of our American Civil War. As Mark, Julia, Willis and I discussed the overall timeline of our country we found ourselves realizing, once again, that the Civil War was not really all that long ago (only 150 years). After a tasty lunch in downtown Gettysburg, Mark and Julia took us on a very informative driving tour through the battlefield areas.

Following our tour of Gettysburg National Military Park we returned to our campsite at Drummer Boy Camping Resort. While Willis built a lovely campfire, Mark and Julia pitched their tent and I prepared our picnic table with the traditional campfire dinner fare. Once Mark and Julia had their tent up we enjoyed the lovely roaring fire, over which we roasted our hotdogs and s’mores, as the temperature dropped into the 50’s. We visited, we sang songs, we laughed… again I find my eyes watering as I type this when I think about what a wonderful family I have and how very blessed I am to be able to make such memories with these precious people in my life.

This morning seemed to fly by too fast for this mother’s taste, but I know Mark and Julia had to head back home to prepare for another week of work. Unfortunately, while Mark and Julia were breaking down their tent, a bee stung Julia on her lower jaw! Julia took it like the brave young woman she is and was giving us her sweet smile again in no time. I hate that she was stung and hopefully the discomfort will fade quickly.

Tomorrow Willis and I will pack up and prepare to head towards Richmond on Tuesday. I am tickled by the knowledge that Mark and Julia plan to spend the coming weekend with us. I just can’t seem to get enough of them!

Happy Travels,


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