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Calais United Methodist Church.

Much of our drive north today on US-1 looked a lot like...

(Ron Writing) This morning we attended worship service at Calais United Methodist Church. We were blessed by Pastor MacDuff’s message and the warm hospitality of the members of this church. After lunch we enjoyed coffee and visiting with several people. We met one lady who moved to Calais two years ago from Anaheim, CA! In fact her home in California was just a short walk from where we lived! Talk about a small world.

This afternoon I spent some more time on the phone with a Verizon technician trying to resolve the problems with our internet connection. He could not solve our problem and his best guess was that it would never get resolved until we got back to an area that had a Verizon cell tower (rather than one of their partner’s towers) so that various parameters and settings in our computer and on their mainframe could be re-initialized. Because of some limitation in their system this can only be done when connected to a Verizon owned tower.

So rather than cross into Canada at Calais we decided to go to the nearest Verizon coverage area, about 60 miles north in Orient, ME. We did have a beautiful drive although it rained much of the way. This part of Maine is very sparsely populated but very thickly forested. When we look into the forest beside the road it’s hard to see more than about 10 feet and even when the sun’s out it looks very dark beyond that measure.

When we got to Orient I tried to get the cell modem to work and after some fiddling it finally decided to work. This was pretty curious since it was still not connected to a Verizon tower. We decided to head north a short distance to Houlton, ME since we still have some business to take care of before crossing into Canada.

In Houlton we get a very good Verizon signal and are having no problems with the internet connection.

Once we cross into Canada using our cell modem is cost prohibitive so we plan to put our service on hold until we return. For internet we will be depending on WiFi only so there may be days when we are unable to post our blog and other days when we may post the entries for multiple days.

We are spending the night parked at the Wal*Mart in Houlton, ME.

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