Ed & Marion -Yuma bound 2018-19 travel blog

Not a high mountain but last few hundred feet are extremely steep


Theres actually a trail in there!

Lots of flowers blooming at this time



Eastbound lanes of I-8 towards Wellton

Looking west

Our first attempt at hiking a section of this trail went fine. We had no intention of doing the entire trail as the grade near the top would be to steep for these 2 aging bodies, but we will be back for another walk through. Tomorrow will tell if we have calf issues and other aches and groans!

Its quite a view from even half way up overlooking the flatness of Yuma to the south and the west.

After the hike we drove east to Wellton on the twisty I-8 thru the mountains, Its an interesting section of highway where the eastbound and westbound highway switches sides for a couple of miles. I guess it was the best way to get thru pass?

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