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We've Now Been In And Out Of The Istanbul Airport Several Times

Every Time We See New Changes And Modernization

However, This Time Our Connecting Flights Were Almost Back To Back So...



On our way to Tbilisi our flight into Istanbul was delayed by one hour, but it meant that we missed our onward flight to Georgia. Turkish Airlines put us up in a five-star hotel with a stupendous view of the Sea of Marmara.

As we flew across the Black Sea to Istanbul, we almost wished our flight was late, so we could have a lovely overnight stay once again. The three-month visas that we had been forced to purchase were still valid (although we had been more than compensated for their purchase), so we wouldn’t have the hassle of trying to purchase them through the archaic machines once more.

In the end, all went according to schedule, and we had just enough time to move from the arrivals gate to the departures gate. I wouldn’t have minded a little more time between flights to at least check out the business class lounge. The food on Turkish Airlines is second to none, no doubt it’s terrific in the lounges as well.


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