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Washington DC has. Foggy Bottom was the name of our closest metro station. And boy, did we make use of it. And our feet. We were exhausted at the end of each day after schlepping miles and miles to see all the sights around ‘The Mall’.

The Mall is the 2-point-something mile strip of museums, galleries and monuments that are found between Lincoln’s Memorial and the Capitol.

The bonus? Everything was free.

We also went out to Arlington where JFK is buried, along with hundreds of thousands of war dead.

We had great weather.

Actually, speaking about weather, when we were staying at Miami airport (the night before departing for Washington DC), we had wild winds and torrential downpours. Our hotel was in an area without much at all – sort of business park-ish. But there was a Wendy’s, so off we choofed after one downpour to get dinner. 10 minute walk. Would we make it? Nope. About half way there, the rain came down. Big rain. Sideways. Tamara had a little umbrella that we tried to shelter under as we kept on walking. By the time we got to Wendy’s, we were soaked through. And I mean soaked. Saturated. Dripping. Even after using the restroom to stand under hand-dryers and trying to soak up the rainwater with paper towels, I still managed to leave a big puddle on my seat. (Of rainwater!)

Being in Miami, at least it was warm rain.

Anyway, back to Washington DC. Our first day there was cold. Clear but cold. After that, it became unseasonably warm again. And when you are walking around for miles, it meant hot and sweaty.

We both really enjoyed DC. It was a very pretty place. Easy to get around and lots to see.

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