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Cooktown - boys on quad bike with Graeme

Boys on quad bike heading to Keatings Lagoon

Cooktown day trip to Trevethan Falls

Travethan Falls - boys getting ready to swim

Simon and Joel getting ready to swim

Simon under the waterfall and Span getting ready to dive in!

Trevethan Falls - boys under the waterfall

Graeme with Chubby

I've had my swim, now I am waiting for my Mum

Such a cool refreshing swim!

We've had our swim - now for some rock hopping!

Day trip to Archer Point outside of Cooktown

Archer Point light house

Archer Point - very windy! Simon & Graeme

When we were in My Molloy we got chatting to Graeme about the Goanna's climbing the tree. Graeme has been a Cooktown local for 28 years and kindly offered for us to camp on his property while we are in Cooktown. He lives a few kilometres out of Cooktown on 8 acres and has 2 dogs - Patches (about 8yrs old) and Chubby a very naughty but cute puppy only a few months old. Of course, Charlie has no trouble fitting in with both dogs and is having a ball swimming croc free in Graeme's dam several times a day.

Graeme also has 11 Guinea pigs, two of which are only a couple of weeks old - so very small and very cute. Needless to say, the boys are in animal heaven!

So far we have done a day trip to Trevethan Falls for a swim and to a few other beaches and sites around Cooktown.

We have also done a day trip to Laura and have visited Lakefield National Park. This is as far north as we plan to go before returning to Brisbane the first week of December to spend a few weeks catching up with family and friends.

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