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A view of the Atchafalaya swamp

Our lunch place "Crazy Bout Crawfish"

The menu

Mom enjoying some Boudin

Sucking on some crawfish tail


You caught me in mid bite!

Our Residue

Deanna the owner and our waitress

Fried boudin balls

At last we have a sunny day after an early start and a windy drive. We are in a very nice campground without the waterfront property of the last. Since we got here early, we took on the daunting task of finding some crawfish for lunch. We took a short trip to Breaux Bridge, the crawfish capitol of the world, and found a little dive named "Crazy Bout Crawfish" where the interior decor was a bit of everything including a ceiling where the acoustic panels were business cards and a sign asked that we not feed the waitresses. A friend had told us we must try some boudin and since it was on the menu as an appetizer, why not. Absolutely delicious! Linda thinks it tastes like scrapple in a casing while I think it tastes like more. Then they brought our five pounds of crawfish and to work we went. If work were that much fun, I might still be doing it.

When the waitress found out that we were traveling and eating like a local, she told the owner and the nicest lady named Deanna Welch came to our table and chatted with us for quite some time. We even discovered that she and her restaurant are sometimes featured on a show called Swamp Pawn on CMT. Watch it if you can. When we discussed the boudin, she told us we had to try Billy's fried boudin balls at another establishment and gave us directions. We made it till dinner time before surrendering and heading for Billy's. Deanna was right. They are fantastic! Also had to get some dessert so Linda had something called "sweet dough pie" and I had and am now finishing some "sock it to me cake". We are thinking about beginning to eat on this trip.

Tomorrow is the swamp tour of the Atchafalaya Swamp. If we make it back, I'll add some more tomorrow, but we are a bit concerned after Linda saw an over sized mosquito this afternoon with an estimated weight of a whole lot.

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