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Yellowstone Lake in the AM

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The Lake Is Beautiful

Lake and Mountains

West Thumb Geyser Basin

West Thumb Geyser Basin

West Thumb Geyser Basin

West Thumb Geyser Basin

One of My Favorite Shots

Good Stop


The Basin

The Basin



Running Fine

Lodge Pole Pines

Kepler Cascades

The Cascades

The Cascades

Old Faithful

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It Starts


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and Higher

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Great Show

Today's Only Wildlife

Welcome To Yellowstone

The temperature dropped into the twenties last night but our heater worked fine. Our altitude at the campground is over seven thousand feet.

We head south today on the Lower Loop Road. We expect to drive the entire lower loop. Like that is going to happen!

We are in the Lake District. We pull over often to take pictures of Yellowstone Lake. Each pull off seems to offer a better view.

We approach West Thumb and see geysers all along the shore of Yellowstone Lake. We pull into West Thumb Geysers Basin. There is a boardwalk here. We walk the outer loop. We take picture after picture. We hear the water boiling. It is truly an impressive area as I hope some of the pictures will show.

As we continue on, we cross the Continental Divide twice. The first time we are at 8,391 feet above sea level. The second time we cross at, 8262 feet. There is some climbing but since we are already on a plateau, it is not bad. The RV is doing fine. Maybe I should mention that we are atop the Yellowstone Caldera.

We pull off the road again at Kepler Cascades. The waterfalls are beautiful but Old Faithful awaits us.

The Old Faithful complex is by far the busiest area we have seen. I cannot imagine what it is like in the summer. We watch a video and it is then time to move out onto the viewing platform complete with benches.

The viewing area is not “full” but there are many people here. We all sit and wait with our cameras ready. Finally, she erupts. It is worth the wait. We take picture after picture. Then we just sit and watch.

W walk to the Old Faithful Lodge for lunch. They have a cafeteria. Today is the second day it is open this season. Everyone makes conversation. Everyone wishes us a good stay! The food is good.

A little tired, we retrace our steps to the campground. It is easier than trying to complete the lower loop. We are feeling comfortable in this area. I will plug the heater in again tonight.

Campground: Fishing Bridge RV Park

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