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Golcondo Summit

Golcondo Summit

After the rain stopped Friday PM from our window

View from the highway south





Heading up the Park road

Heading down the Park road

A closer look, look jumping the fence

Our view Saturday PM, ready to leave tomorrow AM

It was raining and cold when we left Winnemucca. It rained most of the night. The mountains to the south of the campground were covered with snow.

About 75 miles east of Winnemucca we ran into heavy snow. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WEATHER. It's almost June. It's supposed to be summer.

Just before reaching Wells the winds picked up but it stopped raining and snowing.

Saturday, May 29, we drove around the town and some of the rural roads. One road ran along the foothills of the mountains. We got a great view of the farms at the base of the mountains.

We drove the National Park road towards a couple of the State Parks in the area. One was open, the other was across the mountain which was still closed. When we began the drive across the mountain, close to the top we ran into sleet and snow again. I turned around. On the drive down we saw the herd of deer. We also saw a couple of Yellow Belly Marmots, I couldn't get a picture.

We're heading on tomorrow morning for Utah, around Salt Lake City. Hopefully the weather will be warmer.

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