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Home in South Carolina.

Fall leaves around the campground.

Moisture has brought out the mushrooms under the trees in camp.

Broats on Hartwell Lake bordering South Carolina and Georgia.

Lots of private docks along the lake.

Oct. 26, 2009 - Carolina Landing TT - Fair Play, SC

Our stay at Carolina Landing was short. We arrived in the late Monday afternoon from North Carolina and found a fairly nice campsite on the side of the hill. The whole campground is built on the side of hills. At the bottom of the hills is Hartwell Lake a part of Savannah River that divides Georgia from South Carolina. The next day it Rained... Really rained. The soil is red and of course the ground next to our coach was soaked and was pooled. There was no way we could have kept April out of the mud. Before we could let her come in I had to towel her off and wipe off as much red mud as possible. She is getting so spoiled that she thinks she belongs in the RV all the time. We do allow her to sleep inside with us since May is gone. She has her own rug by the door where she stays. She still would rather ride in the back of the pick-up while we are traveling. We are still getting to enjoy the fall colors as we travel. It seems to be following us south as we travel. It still amazes us that amount of corn and beans that are raised on farms as we travel. Of course not in the quantity we saw in the upper mid-west, but still more that we would expect. A large part of the country in the Carolinas and Georgia we have traveled through is covered with heavy hard wood forest. However, we are beginning to see a lot more pine in the woods as we travel south. The trees are not the large conical shaped fir trees we are use to in the Northwest. Of course their mountains are not like the mountains we see in the west either. More like the foothills or the coast range of Oregon. I have noticed a lot more of the what we call party boats on the small lakes down here. They are the pontoon boats with a platform and outboard motor. A lot of the lakes are calm flat warm water that are great for bass, crappie, and catfish. Most of the lakes we have camped close to are either part of a river or very close to one.

Next stop, across the border into Georgia. Until then..

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