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On the road again and along the autivia- i thought I´d mention the parking. Its important to know fi your leasing-renting a car what the parking is like. In most villages parking is gruito, usually on the waterfront. In major cities there is usually a oarking building and costs are as in NZ- 20E per 24 hr period. At the worst we´ve parked free about 100 m from our pension, the best right under our window. Deisel is still about 1E per litre. We crossed the border (not that you noticed) and ended the day another hour behind, at the town of Braganca, portugal. For no reason at all except it seemed a good halfway point in land from oporto. Had a good look around an old castillo and wamndered into a military museum- very good, then settled into a small local´s bar across the alley from our E35 including breakfast residencia. Started with a very cold white wine in an even colder pottery muge, then an entertaining evening followed. we copied what a group of men were eating and drinking- first olives, then kebabs, bread, followed by chicken giblets/livers (yum), pigs ears (!) cold marinated- hmmm- and balcao- salted fish cold with onion, more bread, all washed down with red wine and beer mixed together in a jug- delicious. We taled a few hours away with the local men until they went home, then we wandered off until we found a place that servied pastries and coffee with port- what anight!

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