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No wonder surrealists dug this town . . . who's ever seen...

Our adorable patio/balcony

Just thought I'd throw a quick note out there on our current location. We journeyed today from Tampico to Xilitla in the state of San Luis Potosi. Xilitla is this strange little town on what appears to be the top of a mountain. Back in the day, the surrealist Edward James built a home here, so Xilitla is called the surrealist paradise of Mexico. Our plans were basically to come here and camp out for a few days - the town is very small, has lots of caves and waterfalls around it and it's also possible to tour the surreal gardens of Edward James (which apparently have several swimmable waterfalls). I bribed one of the gangsters in Costa Esmeralda to let me use his home phone and called to make reservations through Monday to wait out the worst of Semana Santa, so we were assured of a place to camp out.

And the room that was held for us is FANTASTIC! The woman who runs the place is incredibly sarcastic and cracks jokes and such, apparently oblivious to the fact that I can only understand 1/3 of what she says. Our room has a bathroom and a little patio that looks out over the valleys and the mountain. Plus, we're tucked away in a corner, so for the first night in many, we may have a little bit of silence. Perhaps. Sam and I just bought some candles to light up our balcony and plan to go back and hide from the world until tomorrow.

Hasta luego.

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