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This is the view we enjoyed as we ate our lunch sitting...

After being so hot in Miami last week we had forgotten there are parts of the country still experiencing the onset of spring! We drove through rain the entire day, therefore I didn’t take many pictures, but the leaves are fresh and new on the trees and the scenery is beautiful despite the wet gray skies.

So many of the towns we drove through exuded charm and I was aching to walk their streets and explore the individual nuances of each place, however, we kept our focus on getting to Maine so we didn’t tarry today. We have decided, however, that once Mark’s graduation is over (and he and Julia are safely on the plane to Miami) we will drive back this way and work our way towards Maine very slowly, taking in each town fully as we go along (after all – I don’t have to be in Skowhegan until mid-July).

Tonight we are staying at a wonderful KOA campground – Brattleboro North KOA – in Vermont. The spring flowers are blooming and the air is still nippy. After I finished up the dinner dishes I sat down to a yummy piece of maple sugar candy and decided that I could stay in this spot for the entire spring… then Willis reminded me we were here for just one night and still had a couple of hours to drive tomorrow before making it to our destination. Dang, I hate it when reality pops back into my world. Haha…

Anyway, at least we will have tonight and tomorrow morning in this lovely little town and then off to Maine to see what we can about a place to stay for 13-weeks during my nursing contract.

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Happy travels, Rebecca

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