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Children in shop in Safaga

Mosque and watermelons Safaga

Jennifer through the trees of a resort at Safaga

Relaxing at a local Safaga resort!

Rafted up to a Dive boat. Everyone taking photos!

ulrica, Rick and Lars having a rest from snorkeling

We left Port Ghalib just before dark on Sunday. The plan was to sail thru the night arriving at Brother's Reef at first light to dive and snorkle. Brother's Reef is about 50 nautical miles north east of Port Ghalib. The wind when we left was about 15 knots so Lars made a decision to put a reef in the main and off we went. Through the night the wind built to over 30 with quite a swell. So we reefed the jib and had a very rough night. Not much sleeping!

When we got to the Brothers it was too rough to anchor so on we sailed to Safaga arriving in the afternoon with the winds abating and to a very calm anchorage that we all appreciated.

Safaga has some small resorts and is a known destination for wind surfers and kite surfing. We rowed ashore and explored the town.

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