Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

Outside of Jackson Hole, river where they go rafting

We hate to leave this beauty

A llama farm

Serious snow fences along the highway

Biddy, our GPS, led us Right Into A BLASTING AREA

The blasting area

David did a U-turn, and we got outta there, found the RV...

We traveled from Jackson Hole, WY to Rawlins, WY. We put in the RV World Campground on the GPS, a/k/a Biddy. She told us turn for turn, until we were right in the middle of a Blasting Area - see picture of the Danger sign.

It was a real Uh-Oh. Biddy out-did herself on this one! She has had us turn into hay fields and corn fields. She has put us into extremely tight dead-ends where we had to unhook to turn around. She gets all excited when we don't follow her instuctions when she says, for example, "Turn right." and we turn left. She starts repeating herself, "Turn right. Turn right." From that mode she goes to "Recalculating. Recalculating."

Finally she decided she thinks she knows where we are and tells us, "When possible, make a U-Turn." She has told us this on expressways, one way dirt roads and narrow mountain roads with deep drop-offs on one side.

When we have enough of her screaming and yelling, David turns her off. We then travel the way we think we should go and then end up at our destination. However, as I said before, this time she put us right in the middle of, "Danger. Blasting Area."

Finally got, on our own, to RV World and spent the night before again heading toward Mississippi.

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