Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Above giant's causeway

Castle ruin

Giant's causeway up close

Crystal and me on top of the causeway

Hangin on the causeway

waves crashing

Am I still in Ireland?

Carrick-a-rede rope bridge

cave on the other side

Me on the bridge

crossing the bridge

Beautiful scenery

Laura and me

I like this mural

Bobby Sands, one of the hunger strikers

Dad writing on the peace wall

The gun is always aimed at you in this mural

Me writing on the wall

Mural in protestant area

Fight racism mural

This morning we headed over to the Giant's Causeway. We had really good weather for the most part. It did rain on us for a few minutes. THe place is really cool. We had to hike a ways to get there but then we got to climb all over it. There is a big story behind the causeway, I'll tell you all about it sometime if you really want to know.

We then headed over to Carrick-a-rede for some lunch and then over to the rope bridge. The water there is the most amazing colour. The bridge isn't as big as I thought it was but still a bit scary. The bridge crosses over from the mainland to a small island.

Got into Belfast and went on a black cab tour right away. Really interesting stuff! They took us into a protestant area to look at some murals. Everything they tell you about what happened there and the problems and the struggles is really powerful stuff. It's hard not to get a bit emotional as they talk about what people did to eachother and the senseless deaths of innocent people.

There is one mural of a gunman and no matter where you are looking at the mural from he is aiming his gun at you. Creepy. There is still British army surveillance posts watching over the area although they are out of commission or about to be.

They took us over to a peace wall which is a huge wall seperating the Catholic and Protestant areas. There are 37 peace walls in Northern Ireland. As our guides were explaining these walls to us some young kids were launching rockets across the wall to scare us, he said they only do that for the tours. We were able to all write a message on the peace wall, that was really cool.

We saw more murals, these ones in regards to the hunger strikers who lost their lives. Such powerful murals. This year is the 25th anniversary of their deaths.

We all went out for dinner that night and then headed over to a student bar. We got some looks from the locals as we obviously weren't dressed for the place haha. We also felt really old there and very overdressed as in wearing too much clothing.

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