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Had a very chilled - hangover induced - day, wrote in my journal by the beach whilst waited for my bus to the ferry terminal and once i got on the ferry i was just like a little kid in a sweet shop because I was so excited at being on this awesome boat doing about 25 knots, wind in my hair, got soaked by some rude wave and then sat down at the other end to start my 3 hour wait for my next bus and wrote a pretty elaborate business plan for turning this new founded, well reserected, passion of boats into a reality...we'll see..

Bus broke down and we were an hour late, these girls were so angry and so many people were complaining, and i was just thinking, god this is efficient compared to what i've got used to! At least i was a happy bunny!

Got to Airlie Beach at 10pm, half asleep and checked into the loudest hostel in the world (beaches) looked like some 18-30's party and i was shatttered and not up for it. Attempted to have an early night but other room mates weren't planning on being quiet but what can you do...

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