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After the storm

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Oops, I'm going backwards again. When I was in Accra there was a TV advert for a game of football here tomorrow (Sunday) so I thought I'd come up to see it. Ashanti from Kumasi against Wikki Tourists from Nigeria in the African Confederation Cup. I'm thinking of treating myself to a VVIP ticket (yes, two verys).

Well, I think there were approximately two too many V's and one too many I's in VVIP. The seats were the same hard plastic as in the rest of the ground, there were no canapes, no free booze, not even a program. The only benefit of going to the extra expense was a birds eye view of the ground and a roof shading the sun.

The ground was only about half full but they did make a good atmosphere with continual noise throughout the game. The standard of the football wasn't as good as I'd hoped for but for the opposite reason I expected, both teams were tactically and positionally very good but very few (one?) of the players had the skills or ball control to make it work. I was expecting lots of skills and tricks but headless chicken tactics. The game was a 4-1 walkover for Kumasi but more than partially becasue the Wikki keeper either was or had a shocker, Micky Bank's Nan would have saved two of them. I was less than convinced that the 3rd goal crossed the line and I was more in line with the goal than he was when he gave it. It was an extertaining day out non the less and another international stadium to add to my list.

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