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Our donkey neighbors.

"But Mama, I want to go get an ear scratching!"

Suppertime before the sun goes all the way down.

The New Horizons factory (see Tiny parked at the back?)

We are still here at "Camp Horizons" waiting for some new parts to come in. The techs, however, did install our new water pump today and what a difference that made on our water pressure! That new pump works great!

Our friends Bruce and Mary Sue left this morning all fixed up and ready to go with their repair completed. We ate dinner together last night and then danced until bedtime. It was a fun evening. We look forward to seeing them again in the Rio Grande Valley later this year.

We have some adorable donkey neighbors just up the road from us and I just had to share some pictures. The mama donkeys are very protective of their babies and don't like the babies getting too close to the fence. Although one of the babies managed to get close enough for me to scratch her behind the ears the other babies (try as they might) couldn't get too near the fence because their mamas would butt them away and then stand very close to them as if to say, "I'm watching you!"

If you look at the above picture of the New Horizons factory you will see Tiny tucked up behind the building. Since they are working on our black/grey tanks we are parked next to the dump (thankfully it does not smell) so we have no neighbors right now. Most of the week we were parked in front, next to the big service garage doors. At least we still have a 50-amp and water.

Not much else new to report. Once all our new parts get here and we get all put back together we will head east. Until then... be well.

Happy Travels,


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