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On route to Gunnison


Steep narrow roads- tight bend coming up!!!










Another Loop the Loop!!

Bit too near the edge




On the EDGE!!


Very Narrow


Brakes cooling off


Stuck here for nearly half an hour

So Wal takes a nap


Across this bridge shortly


Just like our workman

Thursday a 3.5 hour journey to Gunnison, which ended up taking 6 hours.

We had to climb over 3 mountain passes, the Molas Pass at 10,910, Coal Bank Pass at 10,640 & Red Mountain Pass at 11,108 and of course every one we went up we had to come back down the other side, it was a pretty nerve racking trip of 103 miles on this part of the journey, you will see from the pictures we were on very narrow roads right on the edge sometimes with me looking down on sheer drops of 1000’s of feet. We were down to 10 miles speed limit on a lot of the very tight bends. The scenery was amazing though along the way, not that I want to do this route in a hurry again.

We stopped off in Ouray for about an hour mainly because the brakes were stinking, give them time to cool off while we had breakfast. The journey after Ouray was quite tame compared with what we had just travelled on, the next hold up was road works, we were only 22 miles away from the campground we had booked but had to sit in a queue of traffic for nearly half an hour, then we came across another lot of road works but only a 5 minute wait there. Finally arrived just before 2pm.

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