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Today we headed into Freiburg. The Old town was founded in 1091. A large proportion of the town was destroyed in WWII. The main focus is the Munster built out of the local red stone which was started in 1200 and took four hundred years to build. It was difficult to appreciate it properly because it was currently being restored. It had a very dark inside but some lovely original stained glass windows.

Outside the Munsterplatz was crowded not only with its daily market but also with a recent wine festival hospitality tents so it was difficult to appreciate and see properly the few historic buildings such as blood red Kaufhaus a 1530 trading hall. Daisy didn’t mind the market particularly the bratwurst, herb and flower stalls because of their strong smells.

We then found some of the other squares and narrow streets passing the new and old Rathaus. We found a number of the historic gatehouses but one was being renovated and the other was in the middle of the main shopping street.

It was extremely hot and Freiburg was not doing anything for us so we decided we would head back to base early.

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