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During our stay at the Gypsy Journal Rally in Yuma earlier this year we had our shower replaced by a mobile RV repairman who was at the Rally. We did this because the old one was leaking way too much water during our showers, which was especially important to us when boondocking. It wasted a lot of precious water. The new shower setup worked very well and virtually eliminated the problem, but caused another bigger one that we didn't discover until some time later.

In anticipation of a 3 day trip that we're taking to Sedona Nancy and I went out to the rig to do some work, where we very quickly found ourselves sloshing around in water that had saturated most of the carpet from the bathroom to near the drivers seat. To say the least, this was very disturbing, and we immediately went about trying to find the leak. It didn't take us long to figure out that it came from the area near the replaced shower setup. We took it apart and found the leak which could easily be fixed by tightening a connection which either hadn't been tightened properly during the install or jiggled loose during our travels. I suspect it wasn't done right during the install because it has never been a problem before during all of my travels prior to this. It was a very small leak, but over a period of time a lot of water had been deposited on the floor of the rig. There was a fair amount of water in the fresh water tank when we last parked the rig, a lot of which ended up on the floor of the rig.

Big lesson learned here. Always turn off the water pump or the water pressure when you leave the rig. I have rarely done that in the past, but will always do it in the future.

After fixing the leak we borrowed a shop vac from friends and sucked up as much of the water as we could, but the rugs looked horrible. I thought they would have to be replaced and was beginning to check out how much that was going to cost us.

Before doing that, however, I decided to hire a professional rug cleaning company that I've used in the past to try to clean them up. I was willing to spend the $55 to give it a shot, but held out little hope of success.

When he first looked at our carpets he commented that he'd never seen any that looked that bad, but thought he might be able to fix it. Well, he did indeed fix it, and the carpets now look almost like new. Best I can tell no permanent harm has been done. That made me a very happy camper!!

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