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In Boca Negra Canyon

Climbing to the top

View from the top






Friday last day in Albuquerque- drove 5 miles down the road to the Petroglyph National Monument there are over 20,000 images in the canyons we saw less than a 100. After a trip to the visitor centre for maps of the areas we wanted to see we first headed to Boca Negra Canyon there was 3 sections where you could see we the petroglyphs for some we had to climb a sleep hill over lava rocks which was a mile above sea level.

Then onto Rinconada Canyon this was a 2.2 mile loop trail which after only 15 minutes we gave up on, it was like walking on sand dunes which was hard going and for what we were seeing felt it was not worth it, so turned back. There was another area we could have visited called the Piedras Marcadas Canyon but it was another 10 miles out so left that one as well.

We headed back to the RV and had some rest & relaxation time then later went for a swim in the pool at the campground.

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