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This guy cost us $70.00

Entering New Mexico

Taking a break



Getting through the traffic in Albuquerque



First trip to the Tramway






The Old Town



Where we ate lunch


They wanted a $150.00 for this, looked like it should go to...



At the Rio Grande Nature Centre



Wood Duck

Western Spindall



Going Up







You can see the Tramway we have hiked higher up.

On the Edge


The Cabin


Flowers at the top of Sandia Peak


You can see the little cabin that we hiked to





Going Down








Bull Frog

Tuesday a 5 hour drive to Albuquerque in New Mexico, we were up very early, the plan was to leave about 7.00am, but that did not happen.

We packed everything up, Wal putting away all the pipes outside and I was getting the slides in etc, the last job is to put the legs up on the RV, but the back ones would not go up tried resetting the system no luck so had to call out an RV repair guy, he sorted it in less than 10 minutes at a cost of $70.00.

I was feeling quite pleased with myself the day before as I had managed to get $210.10 back from Camping World who had installed the converter the first week we were out here, I had complained that they had overcharged us for the work and carried out work we had not asked them to do, so they refunded part of the bill, to then have to pay some of it out again today!!!!

We finally got on our way about 11.20 so arrived a lot later than planned.

Wednesday we went back to another Camping World to buy a new mattress, as the one we had was an air filled and the pump had packed up, it kept going down and it was cheaper to buy a mattress than a new pumping system.

This trip is certainly proving very expensive.

We then headed out to the other side of Albuquerque to get the tram to the top of Sandia Peak but on arrival after travelling 25 miles we find they have cancelled all trams for the rest of the day as the winds are too strong.

Plan B we went to The Old Town and wandered around all the little streets and funny looking buldings,then on to the Rio Grande Nature Centre State Park where we walked to the Rio Grande River, lovely stroll through the woods and quite a bit of wildlife to see, loads of Humming Birds about as well as other birds.

Thursday called the Tramway to see if they were running today before we drove all that way again, it was good news so headed back out there again this morning. The Sandia Peak Aerial Tram is the World’s Longest Tramway at 2.7 miles, it takes 15 minutes to get to the top over 2 towers, five thousand helicopter trips were made during construction of tower 2 and the cable installations.

It was constructed between 1964 -1966. It is at an elevation of 10,378ft and has an 11,000 square mile panoramic view, the views were amazing from the top. While we were there we hiked even further up to a little cabin that had been built years ago, it took a couple of hours and felt dizzy at times with the high altitude.

There are Black Bears up there not that we saw any, all we saw was a Chipmunk and a few new birds we had not seen before.

We dined in the High Finance restaurant at lunch time.

The trip down was a bit worrying as the winds had got stronger and twice as we went down the tram stopped and was swinging in the winds. In the summer you can ride the ski lifts as well, would not fancy that.

We went back to the nature centre on the way home to walk another trail, saw a couple of Bull Frogs this time. We are here 1more day and move on again Saturday heading into Colorado.

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