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Driving to Alibates Quarries

The long thorn has a poisonous tip to it



View from the top of the quarries





Horned Lizard



Katydid (Grasshopper)


Lake Meredith



I am standing where the lake should be


So Dry





Only if you eat it all is it free

Everything in Texas is large even the entrance posts to the campsite

Monday (Memorial Day) Drove 30 miles to Alibates Flint Quarries & Lake Merdith. Hikes are by reservation, involve one mile of walking, an elevation gain of 170' and take two hours. The monument protects a mesa covered in a lithic scatter carpet of flint, so thick you cannot walk without stepping on human generated flakes of Alibates flint. The quarries were dug, by hand, 1,000 years ago. However, gathering of flint from the mesa has been taking place for 13,000 years. This is the only place in the world that has flint like this there are so many colours, some with stripes, you are not allowed to pick any up & take it as it is protected. The ranger talked about the plants as we walked and showed us which ones you could use for medicinal purpose, we even ate a tiny red berry she picked for us and it tasted of lemon, you could use it to make a drink or in cooking. There is a plant called mallow and you can use that as well. Another plant only flowers at night the Moon Flower but can be poisonous if used incorrectly, people in the US use it like a drug and have died from it. Then onto Lake Meredith which was not far from the quarries, well what’s left of the lake. They have had a drought for the last 4-5 years and the lake is so low now they have shut all the boat ramps, Fritch the nearest town is almost a ghost town as hardly anybody comes there now, such a shame so many businesses are now closed they even had a boat graveyard!!! We walked along the shoreline but not for too long it was 96 today, as we walked with the ranger she kept checking the temperature and said at one time it reached 105, so she was then cancelling the walks for the rest of the day. As we walked we saw a Horned Lizard a funny little thing, also Cicada & Katydid ( like grasshoppers) Tuesday we are moving on again, a long drive ahead of us as we want to reach Albuquerque in New Mexico. Not sure if we have internet at the next campground.

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