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Love the Spanish shoe shops. This was in our little town

Gaudí apartments. Doesn’t look as weird these days

Chandelier in a bike shop. Look carefully !

My favourite shoe shop. Unfortunately no time or space in bags to...

Ballerinas in every colour

Is that crane attached to the building??

Sagrada Família ( a tiny part of it)



Returning to our apartment

The boys’ tyres glow under flash

Caught the train to Barcelona. Didn’t take the bikes which was a good move... the city was so crowded it would have been painful.

Walked to the water front then had lunch in the old city are. We found the main tourist streets were very crowded with tourists from all over. So we tried to stick to the small backstreets.

Lunch was in a nice looking restaurant but it was very ordinary touristy food. Did a walking tour of the history of Barcelona and Gaudí architecture. Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable young tour guide. Saw various Gaudí houses and of course the Sagrada Família cathedral. Still under construction but an amazing piece of architecture.

Tour finished late in day so rather than catching trains back, full of commuters, we sat in an outside cafe near the Sagrada Família and had an icecream, whilst we waited.

Got home late and decided to go to the same cafe that we ate at the first night. It was such good food. Inside was fully booked so we ate outside in a small lane near where we stayed.

Very happy that we hadn’t booked 3 days in Barcelona. We much preferred the quieter and interesting town that we were in. Although very pleased that we saw the Gaudí work.

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