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Shops in Ft. Langley

Really big ice cream cone in Ft. Langley

Funny expression on a coffee cup

Log cabin shop

Front of Ft. Langley

Interior of Ft. Langley

Sandy with a big bear - fortunately friendly

Big House - base of operations for company governor & his assistant

Painting of the 1858 Proclamation established British Columbia as a Colony

Painting of observers of the 1858 Proclamation

Today's adventure took us to the town of Fort Langley, on the outer suburbs of Vancouver. There one can find both a charming town and fort of the same name. The town is a livable town, versus merely a tourist attraction, and as such has shops, cafes, etc. Attached you can see pictures of a shop, a log cabin shop, Sandy and a friendly (thankfully) bear, etc.

Fort Langley itself was established in 1827 by the Hudson's Bay Company as a fur trading post, and another picture is of examples of fur that were traded. The company established itself as a regional center for fur trading, and when that declined in trading salted salmon to Hawaii and cranberries to California.

When gold was discovered in 1858 in the Fraser River, some 30,000 miners, largely American, flooded the area. Fearful of a potential American takeover of the resource rich area, Queen Victoria issued a proclamation declaring British Columbia as a Colony of Britain. Fort Langley's importance declined over time, but its importance in British Columbia's history did not. Attached are several pictures of the fort. The large white house, called the Big House, was its administrative center.

Tomorrow, weather cooperating, we may drive to Whistler, BC, scene of the Winter Olympics in Canada. Thanks for reading.

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