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Halifax Tattoo Parade

Halifax Tattoo Parade

German Stunt Motorcyclists

Halifax Tattoo Parade

Two Military Competition Teams

Bag Pipers in Tattoo Parade

Lighthouse off the Fisherman's Wharf

St Paul Church's Window

Can you see the polar bear and sea lion?

Today we car pooled to Halifax to be a part of Canada Day where they were celebrating Canada's 146th birthday. We took our chairs or blankets and sat on top of Citadel Hill and watched the Tattoo Parade pass by on the street below us. In the parade were several large Canadian military and civilian bands, bagpipers and drummers, people doing stunts on motorcycles and bicycles and much more. This celebration goes on for a week. The Tattoo is a week long celebration the first week in July. We will be coming back into Halifax for four nights this Wednesday, so more to come about the Tattoo. Halifax is a very clean city. The resident's take such pride in their county and do not litter. One thing that we noticed was that there were hundreds of people watching the parade and after the parade was over, there was not so much as a candy wrapper on the street.

After the parade we walked down to the wharf and had a wonderful lunch at Murphy's Restaurant. Afterwards we walked the docks and watched all the people celebrating Canada Day. While walking back to the car, we went into St Paul's Church and saw a window that was blown out by a massive explosion in 1917. I saw this on my Roadside America app and went to check it out. In 1917 a Belgian relief ship collided in the Harbour with a French ship, which was carrying over 400,000 pounds of TNT. The explosion leveled the north end of Halifax, killing over 2,000 people and injuring 9,000 more. All the windows in this church were blown out except for this one which broke neatly in a silhouette of a human's profile. We had to go inside to see the window and the lady at the church said that the belief was that the profile resembled an 18th century priest.

When we arrived back at King Neptune Campground, the owners invited us to their family picnic. They always hold it on Canada Day but it is also a day to honor their dad, who is deceased. The mom is 90 years old and still very active around the campground. They had hot dogs with many salads and several deserts. We had a great time.

From one part of the campground, you can look out in the bay where there are two eractic rocks. It doesn't take much of an imagination to think one looks like a polar bear and the other a sea lion.

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