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Enjoying Beignet's at Cafe Du Monde

A beauty on the Mighty Mississippi

Not so beautiful on the Mississippi

Katrina water depth in lower ninth ward

New elevated housing thanks to Brad Pitt

Section of sea wall that failed

They live in a bowl surrounded by Lake Ponchartrain

New pumps and gates


Our front yard

Stormed all night and all afternoon today adding a flood to an already flooded campground. Oh well. We managed to get our bus tour of the city and Katrina damage before the afternoon flood arrived. Folks, New Orleans has not finished rebuilding from Katrina. We saw much devastation and homes in a state of unrepair. As usual, money is a big part of the delay. One bright note was our guide telling us that Brad Pitt has donated $5,000,000.00 of his own money and has set up a foundation to help. Nice to hear stories like that. Not all of the still damaged homes were in the ninth ward. Katrina shared her wrath with all.

The city is beautiful, but I can't understand living in a fish bowl below Lake Pontchartrain.

Linda got her Beignet and I found some Gumbo, so it was a good day. The afternoon flood took away our French Quarter tour, so I still don't know what it feels like to walk down Bourbon Street sober. Oh well! Campground is one giant puddle and I am looking forward to leaving tomorrow. Over all, wee have enjoyed New Orleans, just not as we planned.

One important note to add. I withdraw all my negative comments about the runners yesterday. I saw today on face book, a picture of a young lady who participated in that race being helped across the finish line by her boyfriend. She sustained a spinal chord injury four months ago and doctors weren't sure she would survive. I can accept a little inconvenience.

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