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Town maskot. Town of Beaverlodge. Gophie wants you know he is NOT...

More Beaver.

Gophie does not have a tail.

Gophie's has left Alberta Canada and is not in British Columbia.

We have left the mountains and hit the prairies.

Dawson Creek which we will explore the next two days.

We left Grand Prairie and made our way to Dawson Creek which is in British Columbia less than an hour from the Alberta boarder. We are now back to mountain time with no daylight savings. Same as home.

Dawson Creek is mile '0' of the Alaska Highway. We are staying in Mile '0' campground with many RV couples heading for Alaska.

I should take a minute to make a formal apology to 'Gophie'. On our homepage I (Diana) mistakenly call him a stuffed beaver. I now have photo proof that he is NOT a beaver. He is most definelty a gopher. Duh..his name is Gophie. I made the correcton and will say nothing more about beavers. You will have to come up with gopher jokes now. :) :)

We drove though the town of BeaverLodge and stopped to take the photo opt for the town maskot. The pictures tell all!

Mileage: 29820

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