2010 Summer Trip travel blog

In the Tahoe area.




Desert between Reno and Winnemucca



Heading up the mountain towards Nevada was beautiful. There was snow but not on the interstate.

I got really scared for a while though. There was road construction along the route. They had traffic down to one lane each way with concrete barriers seperating us. There were barriers on both sides. It seemed there was about 1 foot on either side of the RV driving through. NO ROOM FOR WEAVING. I thought I would never get out of there. I know everybody behind me was angry. I did not get of 30 mph. Truckers were driving along the other side at about 50.

The scenery changed after getting through Reno. The roads flattened out. The desert is different that that we have seen. I guess it's to cold here for cactus.

The town of Winnemucca must be the oasis in the middle of the state. After Reno, it is the largest city we've seen. I even has a Wal-mart. I haven't seen a Wal-mart in about a month. Of course I had to go. There are several casinos here but nothing big.

We are staying here for 3 days, doing laundry, cleaning up, waiting to see what the weather is going to do. I has rained every afternoon so far.

There will be a bunch of bikers here this weekend, "Run-A-Mucca in Winnemucca". We plan to move on Friday morning.

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