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dinner time!

Shaun at Bell's Beach

desert flowers


The Gold Coast

Koala Bear

The Twelve Appostles1

The Twelve Appostles, Victoria

Stork...these birds are everywhere!

sail boats near Coff's Harbour

our neighbour

Liz and Shaun in the city. Sydney wharf.


Sydney. We called this the Danilion Fountain:)

Great spot to stay for the night...

Tricia and Brendon, Melbourn. SOOO great to see old friends!

12 Appostles, The Great Coast Road

pasture, Great Ocean Road

Cutest little towns. This one has a cheese- factory...mmmmmm

Vineyards and vino

As we drive...the Great Ocean Road

At the beach

Morning walk on the beach, south of Byron Bay

She saw seashells on the seashore

Fraser Island

Swimming in the beautiful freshwater lakes, Fraser Island

Tracey andAJ

Fraser Island, cooking dinner

Fraser Island


When we were in Indonesia, Shaun surfed every single day. He was (is) fanatic about it. I took some surf lessons and I think it's safe to say we both got hooked...

Now that we're in Australia, we spent a spectacular week climbing in the Blue Mountains, then travelled the coast in our camperized van and surfed daily. Sometimes twice a day. And love it...

Email sent Dec 20/ 2010


It's been a long while since I've sent some love over to my peeps, though I've been intending to for weeks. Part of the problem is I don't know where to start when thinking "what to report?" here goes, as it pops into my head!

We are living in a camperized van at the moment, absolutely loving the freedom to go with the ebbs and tides (literally) of the Australian surf. Shaun and I are both learning how to surf, though he catches WAAAAAAAAAY more waves than I do (bastard!). We have really enjoyed Aus, and can't believe how the time has flown by...

We spent some time with friends (Tricia and Brendon) in Melborne, and explored the Surfer's Coast (i.e. the famous "Bells Beach")...saw koala bear in the wild, and would wake up to the crazy cookaburrah birds laughing at us in the trees. The kangaroos are everywhere too!

After an incredible week of climbing in the Blue Mountains, the rains came and we've been surfing our way up to Brisbane (Gold Coast area) since. One of the highlights of our trip was camping on Fraser Island with Tracey and AJ for 4 nights. WOW, what amazing beaches. How they get fresh-water lakes on a little island in the ocean is hard to fathom...Incredible! This was such a highlight for us.

They also taught us some card games, and we played 500 by the hours one rainy day, at a covered picnic table in the middle of the forest!

I'm pleased to inform you that after my five-month deprivation of cheese and wine, the 'drought' is now over. I'm especially taken with Australian Vintage cheddar at the moment (such cute little cheese "saloons" in the little towns, each with their own cheeses and chutneys). And then there's the wine. Holy schneikies, I think I'm in heaven! And New Zealand knows how to make wine too! (Tracey introduced me to a NZ white Seven degrees that makes me tingle:) - Mmmmm...

There is a serious lightning storm outside right now, with bolt and sheet-lightning (the library I'm at has huge windows that I can watch the storm as I type...). So without further adieu, I should probably get on to the most important part of this email:


It’s very strange being in a warm place at Christmas…girls on the beach with their bikinis and Santa Hats is quite hilarious somehow!

I wish for each of you a really fantastic Christmas (and skii season), and relish at the opportunity to get caught up with you soon.

Speaking of which, I'm back in Canada in a week!

Flying into Toronto, I'll be spending some time with Shaun's folks Phyllie and Jim, and then will be back in beautiful BC for the New Year.

I posted some photos on our Trip Journal when we arrived in Aus, but haven't been back to update it recently. If interested, you can check it out at .

wow, the lightning/thunder is close and library closing...

Hugs to you,


Liz (and Shaun too;)

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