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Hi everyone, we'll most likely be unable to email for the next couple days as we're in an Ashram. Place where we'll meditate and practice yoga starting at 5:00am =( and going all day, with vegetarian meals in between. So have fun eating your Burgers, Pasta and Fish you sorry sacks... If you want to see where we're at here's the website: www.sivananda.org/ndam

Toodles =)


Hola, lo mas probable es que no tengamos acceso al internet los proximos dias ya que estamos en un Ashram. Es un lugar donde practicaremos meditacion y yoga todo el dia comensando a las 5:00am, comiendo comida vegetariana. Asi que disfruten sus tacos y quesdillitas =) (sonrisa hipocrita) Si quieren ver donde pasaermos los proximos dias este es el website: www.sivananda.org/ndam


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