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We really spent less than 12 hours in Tampico, so it's sort of hard to comment on the city itself. The five hour trip between Costa Esemeralda and Tampico began at 4:00 p.m. and ended at 11:15 p.m. or so. We've learned a bit about the system of over-promise-under-deliver here. If someone says the trip lasts four hours, after stopping one hundred and fifty five times, it will get to the destination in six hours more or less. When shown a seating chart to choose your seats on the bus, pay no attention to amenities labeled on bus diagram (location of TV's primarily) because the model is NEVER the same (our bus today didn't even have TV's or numbers, though we chose seat numbers. Hmmmmm.) Still a far cry more comfortable and nice than the Guatemalan buses, but something to laugh about for sure. Our movie for the evening was Spider Man 2, in Spanish, but the plot still made a lot more sense to both of us than Million Dollar Baby.

Okay, so we got off the bus, walked immediately to the Vencedor counter and bought two tickets to Xilitla for today. We then walked across the street to a surprisingly nice, cheap hotel and grabbed a small room to rest in. The location was awesome and allowed us to wake up, shower, grab some breakfast, hit an Internet joint and run to the bus station. Just in time for the 11:30 departure of our 11:15 bus. And we were off.

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