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View from Castle Hill over over to Magnetic Island

View from Castle Hill

View from Castle Hill

View from Castle Hill

Ken on top of Castle Hill

Gorgeous flowers in Queens Gardens

View of Castle Hill from Queens Gardens

One of the many fabulous trees in Queens Gardens

The Rock Pool on the Strand - this area is netted so...

Dear old Pumpkin in Townsville

Little Crystal Creek

Rain forest on one of the walks we did - it was...

We were on a ferry just like this one on our way...

Heading to Magntic Island (or Maggie as the locals call it)

One of the gorgeous bays on Maggie

This was so much fun and the only way to travel on...


These trees are everywhere - how amazing are they

Picnic Bay on Maggie (that is Ken strolling along)

Funny kind of seagulls they have here!!!

Picnic Bay on Maggie

Went for a walk up the hill to the Forts used in...

..... and saw our first koala in the wild. How cute is...

More of the gorgeous views on Maggie

And more

The command post on top of the hill - used in the...

View over land on Maggie

How cool is this water park. This is on the Strand and...

This is what happens when the bucket is full - makes you...

Taken from the Strand

More of those trees - this time on the Strand

And again on the Strand

There is that water park again

Oh my gosh I have been slack haven't I? Been so long since we posted anything on the site.

Well - after a vary enjoyable stay at Charters Towers we arrived in Townsville last Monday. It is so much bigger than anything we have been used to for a while! We have been very lucky in that we managed to get a beautiful spot in a caravan park right on Rowes Bay where we have views across to Magnetic Island. After arriving and setting up on Monday we drove down to the Strand to have a wander. This is the foreshore of Townsville and is just gorgeous - lovely green lawns, awesome trees and of course, the ocean. We then drove up to the top of Castle Hill, just short of being big enough to be classified a mountain, where we clambered like mountain goats to check out the views from all its different vantage points. From up there we spied another garden which turned out to be Queens Gardens and had a wander around here. This is a beautiful park with trees like we have never seen before, especially in the rain forest section. We then went back to the Strand where we had our first fish and chips since leaving Port Lincoln in South Australia - Yumm!! And what a view!!

Tuesday to Friday morning was then down to business. Spent time on the computer working on our resumes, went down to Office Works to get them printed and copied then sent a few out. I sent mine off to about a dozen temp agencies and Ken sent about 8 off to all the caravan parks in and around Townsville. We also went in to Centrelink and registered as Job Seekers and spent a morning at Max employment checking for jobs on line. Have also spent a bit of time on line here. By Friday lunch time we had had enough so we declared ourselves tourists again and went for a drive into the Paluma National Park where we had lunch by a beautiful bridge and waterfall at Little Crystal Brook and then went for a couple of short walks in the rain forest. On the way home we stopped off at the Frozen Mango for a mango gelati and then at a beach for a bit of beach combing. Felt so much better for having done all of this. 3 and a half days in the city had us stir crazy and needing to get out for some 'soul' time.

Yesterday we had an awesome day. We took the ferry over to Magnetic Island, hired a couple of scooters and spent the day driving over the island and checking out all the beautiful bays. We even took the risk and took a very quick dip in the ocean. Even though it is not stinger season, all the locals warn against swimming just in case you do get unlucky. The lady who hired us the scooters said there were none around due to all the rains they had and there were others swimming so we decided to just go for a very quick wet down. It was lovely!! Bit of a shame not being able to swim when you are surrounded by these wonderful beaches.

Today we wandered into the Flinders Mall markets in the city - which were basically the same as any other markets selling things made in China, India or Taiwan (so much for local produce!) but we did buy some tropical fruit to try. We then went for a wander down to the Strand and then back to Queens Gardens for an Ecofest. We have now had a very lazy afternoon reading and catching up on the blog!

We are very keen to get up to Cairns so if we don't get any work next week we will probably head up there - I have already put in for a job up there for 4 months so fingers crossed!

Ken speaking:

Sunday 14th June

It's really winter here at the moment - 26 during the day and a chilly 12 degrees at night - oh well I guess we will have to handle that!!! Really looking forward to going further up north where it really gets warm. Townsville is a nice place but it is in the middle, I mean not super tropical but semi-tropical. The bird and plant life are fantastic - can't wait to see more.

Saturday went over to Magnetic Island. Had a good day on the scooters and had a ball racing around the island - it was like riding an angry wasp! Saw a beautiful golf course, I mean beautiful, but oh well but really couldn't play as we had so much on the island to explore.

We've really got a case of itchy feet - as soon a couple of days go past we can't wait to get on the road again. I think we may have caught the travel bug really bad. We will have to stop soon to earn some money though. Oh well - will write soon. Ken xx

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