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TOday we set out at 8:30 for the one hour drive to see the terracotta warriors. We also had a short pitstop at the "factory" where they make replicas and were given the hard sell to buy some replicas. Most of us bought one or two small ones and while impressive no one took the bait and promise of shipping and insurance to purchase the life size ones for the garden for the modest prize 13000Y ($2000) surprisinly enough.

After the factory we went to see the real thing. Disappointingly the best of the three pits normally open to the public was closed for renovations but we did see some of the weapons and relics from that area that had been relolcated to a museum for the time being.

It really is amazing to think that this emperor at age 13 decided to have workers create an army of 1000s of very precise statues, including ranks of army men and horses to protect his tomb so many years down the track.

Even more amazing is the location of the well that the farmers were digging tha led t othe discovery of this hidden treasure. Another 5 cms in a different direction and they wouldn't have been found...

AFter the warriors, it was off for some lunch,another feast for only 30Y each and again we struggle dto finish it all. SOm eof us are still left wondering ohow we are going to manage the dumpling banquet planned for tonight but I 'm sure we;ll soldier o n :P

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