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Sign going in to Jackson Hole - lots of wild animals

View on the road in to Jackson Hole

Downtown looking toward the ski slopes

Downtown and the mountains

Tyler slept through town

Clouds and mountains - our view going in toward town

Nice and compact-mfg in Heidelberg, So Africa

A place for everything-IF everything doesn't include my shoes!

Kevin, the Super Salesman, Cowboy Motors, Jackson Hole, WY

Ron at the Mangy Moose

Each entry of the downtown park has an antler arch

An antler arch and the stagecoach

At the County Fair

Washing sheep prior to judging

'Dressing' sheep so it won't get dirty

Note fans so cows wouldn't get too hot

Boys will be boys

The bull kept walking up to me-

David at the Midway

Ski slopes in background

View from our campsite-time to part ways with Connie and Ron

On the road, again

Ahhh, a very nice campground. Even the dogs are more at ease!

We are 6 miles from Jackson Hole at the Moose/Wilson Road Campground. It has shade trees, bushes, grass, firepits, privacy screening. It really is several steps above the last one!

We are also closer to shopping and restaurants - a Very Important Fact. Very different surroundings. On the road in to town there was a sign stating: 'No Snowplowing, 9PM to 5 AM' It appears to be left up all year round.

Jackson Hole was established in 1881. It is at an elevation of 10,450 feet which makes it difficult for us-Floridians to climb stairs and breathe at the same time. That had to be the reason - we weren't eating That much!

What a beautiful spot in Wyoming! There are mountains right in town, and you can see the ski runs on the mountains where the trees are cleared. It is a small town atmosphere with friendly people. Downtown is rustic looking, some boardwalks, lots of wood, and a small park used a lot by locals and tourists alike. Most of the stores have at least one to over a hundred stuffed and mounted animals. Not so pleasant - However, the cutest one by far was a racoon sitting down with a Cracker Jack box and eating from it.

During our explorations we saw an RV of sorts for sale. We pulled in to look at it. It was in the parking lot of Cowboy Motors, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I took pictures of it, and while I was doing that Ron went inside and got two Cowboy Motors tags and tag frames. A salesman came out when he saw we were looking at the Recreational Vehicle there in the lot. It was manufactured in Heidelberg, South Africa and distributed in the States by Safari.com. Since we are having trouble with our motorhome, we told the salesman we might think about the RV - (tongue in cheek).

There are quite a number of restaurants downtown, along with the usual chain restaurants. We were happy to find another 'authentic mexican' restaurant for lunch. We were served too much food which seems to be the norm almost everywhere we have traveled. We end up taking boxes of food home, which worked out well for lazy-night suppers.

We went to the local (County) fair. It was a small-town affair. The midway looked like a 'normal' small midway - but, there were mountains in the background. The livestock judging probably didn't take too long as there were maybe 30 sheep entered, less cows and bulls. Young kids, probably 4H'ers, walked around with bulls on a teather, just like it was a 'normal' thing. I wanted to take a picture of one of them, but the bull started walking toward me and the young boy could not hold him back...(one of my 'witch' things, I guess)...so I took a quick picture and walked away. David said the boy was still pulling on the bull's teather to keep him (the bull) from following me. There was a big deal about pig wrestling - but, we left before it started.

Jackson Hole got its name from David Jackson. He went hunting in that part of Wyoming and called it his 'hunting hole'. The town was then called, Jackson's Hole, and now just Jackson Hole.

There are a lot of white water rafting and river 'floating' opportunities; however, we just simply ran out of time. Horseback riding was also offered. David wanted to do that also, but our old-people bones won out and we decided 3 hours on horseback would certainly make us walk funny.

It is really more of a winter playground rather than a summer destination. However, I cannot see anyone going white water rafting during the winter, but maybe they do. There are a lot of ski slopes, snowmobile trails and cold-winter things that it seems some people enjoy. We all four enjoyed our summer visit there.

When we left Jackson Hole and the camp ground, Connie and Ron headed toward Indiana to visit with their kids and grandchildren. We headed toward Mississippi for anther visit with our son, Doug, and the relatives there.

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