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Nice Helmet Dude

What A Helmet

Romance In Queenstown

Butter Wouldn't Melt???

Claire's New Style!

Pre Minus5Bar

B4 Minus5Bar

Inside The Coldest Bar

Chilly Kiwi

Ice Bar

You'll Melt It!!!

The Hills Are Alive

Morning Of The Nevis Jump


I'm Not Nervous...Honest!







We Present...The Welsh Wizards!!! Dah Dah

Claire Wasn't Willing To Give Fat-Boy A Piggy-Back.

Us & 'The Chief'

The Late Bob - RIP

Queenstown Sunset

Van Party

Triumphant Jumpers - She Still Loves Me!!!

The Thorns

The Roses

Oohh, Nice Helmets

Chris & Emma (she's trying to be brave)

The Luge - Chris & Keith (losing)

But Enjoying It All The Same

The Welsh Hit Queenstown

Queenstown On The Town

Hic...And I'll Tell You Another Thing....

The Queenstown Rabble

Helping The Busker

We arrived in the Adventure Capital of New Zealand: Queenstown.

Keith started thinking about all the adrenalin stuff he was gonna do. Claire on the other hand being a wimp was adamant she wasn't doing anything especially after the abseiling incident and the zorbing... well what did she know?

We were lonely when we arrived. Claire missed her girly chats with Emma and Keith missed his new best friend Chris. So we thought we'd better get on and make ourselves busy with some fun stuff to save us from pining.

First stop: Gondola and Luge.

The gondola takes you up this really steep cliff edge (for anyone who skis, it was just a normal gondola but scared the life out of Claire), past many a sheep, pine trees and the ledge the bungy/Ledge swing. Once at the top you see the best views of Queenstown.

The luge was sooooooooooo much fun. You get kitted out with a lovely helmet before getting on a chair lift. Claire hated every minute being scared of heights and keith loved raising the bar and jumping up and down- scaring her stupid!

Anyway, then there's this little go kart thing which you jump in and race each other down around a track to the bottom of a hill! Yay!

Still missing our friends, we went Jet Boating on the Kawarua river, which was amazing fun. Sitting right at the front doing 360 degree spins and speeds of over 80km ph! And the driver looked liked Matthew McConaughey!!!!! To CHILL out after we went to the Minus5 Ice Bar for some wicked cocktails. The whole place is literally made of ice.

Now this was the scariest moment for Keith. Time to book his Bungy. We booked a combo tour for the next day. Keith doing the Nevis Bungy in the morning and then both of us doing White Water Rafting in the afternoon.

Keith didn't much sleep that night cos he was nervous. But all the same we got up at the crack of dawn and made our way. We got to the Bungy site and got kitted up with harnesses (even Claire to as she was watching and taking photo's). Walked up to the site and looked across at the suspended platform. This was over 440 feet in the air. Now Keith being the heavy weight of the day had to jump first. To get to the platform you have to go on a mini cable car. This was bad enough.... then to the platform where part of the floor is made of reinforced glass and you can see all the way down.... Then Keith gets strapped up shuffles his way to the edge and 1,2,3 Jumps like it's the easiest thing in the world! An amazing jump of 440ft (second largest bungy in the world) with over 8 seconds of free falling @ 130kph! Keith is now officially Claire's hero.

If that wasn't enough adrenalin for the day, we headed back to town for our whitewater rafting pickup. Meanwhile back in Wanaka, Emma and Chris had been missing us to and so we had pre-arranged to all be on the rafting together! Yay!!!

The trip to the rafting site was just as fun as the rafting itself. The road was near enough condemed and there were points where the bus looked like it was going over the edge. We all got kitted out with our wetsuits and life jackets. Claire was having a panic as she didn't want to do it, but was told she was being a wimp and it'd be fine. Then to top things off we got put with the 'Chief' as guide. He was like the boss of everyone else and told everyone what to do. So we headed off down the river and went for a swim. It started off nice and easy, then proceeded to get a little harder. The other groups had it easy. They sat inside their boats, but we had to battle against the rapids as the chief wanted to 'Surf'. Our boat tipped 3-4 times and genuinely the lads could've drowned!

We took Emma and Chris up to the Luge was great fun and then went to the Kawarua Bridge to supposedly watch the bungy jumping. Claire felt a sheer moment of braveness and mentioned about doing a tandem jump- much to Keiths delight. So we got strapped up and shuffled to the edge and Claire threw a hissy fit- shouting and swearing that she didn't want to do it. Didn't have a choice though, cos Keith basically jumped and Claire had to follow! We got proper dunked to our waists in the water and it was fantastic! We also got a cheer at the end by the guys who worked there as we got spotted kissing after jumping. They thought Keith would be in the bad books he he.

We can honestly say that Queenstown is a wicked little place. There is soooo much to do and the nightlife is absolutely wicked!

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