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giant toad! wish i could say we saw this in the forest...

green basilisk

boa constrictor

on the DIY 25m high suspension bridge in the forest! I ran...

cloud rising up over the forest

pretty cool!

from the view point

James doing his tarzan impression!

the cute little bear like thing!

on the zip lines

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jo's drop of death! sounds like it anyway!

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James's plunge

(MP4 - 2.87 MB)

James on the second to longest zip line

Hi guys, we moved from the coast yesterday and came back to the mountains. We wanted to see Costa Ricas most famous nature reserve, Monteverde Cloud Forest. Its called a cloud forest because it is so high up that it is mainly in the clouds (bet you couldn't guess) so because its so wet different eco systems live here compared to tropical rain forests.

We are staying in Santa Elena village, about 6km from the park entrance and yesterday we went to see the snake house. It was pretty cool and the guide who showed us around told us how to recognise a poisionous from a non poisionous snake out of the 130 species found here in Costa Rica! Good tip since we were going into the forest the next day!

We went to Monteverde this morning, it was very spectacular, the trees were covered with mosses and there were loads of vines hanging about. We did our usual poking and prodding but as always we came up with nada! No wildlife in the forest, however when we came out and into the car park we saw this really cute bear like thing! Dont know what it was, if anyone knows we'd love to hear it, but we snapped it anyway! It looked like a badger crossed with a cat! Think we are just gonna hang around public places now as we see more wildlife there than when we go looking for it!

This afternoon we went on a canopy tour through the forest. Not the nice sedate suspension bridges that you walk across, no we went for the adrenalin packed zip lines and it was great! There were 16 lines in all some short but most long. The longest was 220m and about 100m above the forest floor! When you went on that one the wind whipped you sideways it was pretty scary! The worst bit for me, being scared of heights was waiting on the platforms, 100m up in the swaying trees while other people were attached to the zip line, that gave me white knuckles!

Apart from the zip lines there was also a tarzan swing. You started about 18m off the ground and jumped off a platform into oblivion. It took ages for the rope to snag you so the freefall was pretty far and we both screamed like girls for the record!

We have put some videos on of the tarzen swing, dont laugh at mi scream (ok you can coz I found it hilarious!!!)

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