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Me and Crystal on the bus

us and the big green bus

Celtic cross

cathedral in Drogheda

Bloody sunday sign

Bloody sunday victims

catholic area


Free Derry

gas mask mural

free derry mural

Group shot at dinner

Crystal under the table

Irish dancing

Kacey and Jamie drinking contest

mmm guinness

Havin fun

Derry's Palace Hostel

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Irish band

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Irish dancing

Our Paddywagon tour started this morning. After a few delays we were on our way up to Drogheda to see the preserved head of Oliver Plunkett. It's from the 15th century. We then stopped at a ruined monastery and graveyard to look at some celtic crosses. We ate lunch in a town called Armagh. We knew we were in northern Ireland when you could see some surveillance towers and British flags flying.

We got to Derry and went on a walk of the town with a local guy. He took us down into the Bogside where all the troubles occured. All the murals are so much more powerful when you see them in person. The streets are still painted red white and blue for protestant areas and green white and orange for catholic areas. Very interesting.

We went out for dinner with everyone and then headed over to a pub with a live band playing traditional irish music. Had a great time dancing around to the music and getting to know everyone.

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