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Chilled out on the beach, watched some skydivers land about 10 metres away from where i was sunbathing, (which got me seriously excited about doing mine in New Zealand) - with Alexandra (from Belgium) and Gwyn (from Alaska!). Alexandra and I left for our trip to Magnetic Island at 2ish. Bless her, she's learning english and she's actually really good especially considering she only started about 10 months ago in Oz, so anyway, I am now designated English teacher and it's actually great fun but have never realised how ruddy complicated our language is. She studied art too so have been taking lots of tips from the way she frames her photos...or at least attempting to.

Anyway...we got off the 4 hr bus on to the best ferry in the world, fast as you like and so smooth - i'd forgotten how much i love being out on the water. It was just brilliant about 8pm by now so pitch black, wind in my hair etc etc watching the stars and started thinking maybe i'd like to buy a boat and sail around (some of) the world one day...just the small matter of having the cash for a boat and the skill of sailing to sort out...(!)

Hostel was alright (Maggie's), sharing with 3 Irish and some random who had 2 of the most hideous 60 dresses hanging up i have ever seen - got to get a picture but dammit she's actually wearing one tonight..anyway i'd only just got in to bed - all the others were already asleep - and the door opens so i'm trying to get a peak at 'dress girl' as haven't actually met her yet, but then some bloke walks in after her and then i think oh god, please don't let them do anything right underneath me. Pretend to be asleep with the rest of them and hear them wispering and thankfully i fall asleep surprisingly quickly as had given up trying to earwig on their conversation, so i don't know if anything actually did happen on the bottom bunk...!

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