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Fishing Village outside of Mui Ne, Vietnam

Sand dunes just outside of Mui Ne

Sand dunes

Vietnamese prairies???

We had some high hopes for Mui Ne...they were squashed very soon after we arrived. The town itself is situated on one road which stretches for abou 15 km! Needless to say, it's not easy to get around. Since the so called great beaches were not to be found we rented a scooter and went sand sledding at some nearby sand dunes. Surprise, surprise, when you get to the dunes, a bunch of kids have crazy carpets and will let you borrow them...for a price! Michelle stayed back a watched the scooter and after getting a few pounds of fine sand in my underwear, I decided that sand sledding isn't really that fun especially when you have ten kids following you asking to use there carpet over another!

Oh well!

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