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Walking around part of The Arbuckle Lake

On the shoreline



Caterpillar hanging in there



Scissor-tailed Flycatcher


Chickasaw Cultural Centre





Wal talking to the husband of Quannah Parkers granddaughter



Chickasaw sign

Sunday our last day here- Drove to The Point at Arbuckle Lake and walked around part of it, glorious day and hitting the 90’s again but strong winds, we are now on Tornado alert in this area, there were 10 tornados that hit a town on Texas last Wednesday and now the storm is moving up through the states, we are forecast thunderstorms again tonight, but then they were forecast for last night and did not happen. Less than a week ago we were in Oklahoma City and before that travelling the I-40 from Tulsa and tonight a tornado hit the I-40 destroying a trailer park, 1 dead, 2 missing, it was turning lorries over on the interstate we were watching it on the news tonight. We are leaving here Monday morning & heading west & although the forecast is not good for a few days hoping we are driving away from the tornados. Later on today we walked across the road from the campground to visit the Chickasaw Cultural Centre, very interesting with lots of exhibits and people to talk to explaining how the Indians lived then & now. We are heading to Lawton next where Wal wants to see The Starr House where Quannah Parker lived, today we were explaining to a man at the cultural centre that we wanted to go there and it turned out his wife is Quannah Parkers granddaughter so he gave us her phone number so she can take us to the house as it is not open to the public.

We had lunch at the Chickasaw Centre- we chose the special for $6.00

which had an Indian taco- which is fry bread topped with ground beef, beans,lettuce, cheese, tomato & onions, it also came with Pishofar which is like pearl barley & pork in a thin white sauce, very bland not so keen on that, then Grape Dumplings which is tiny bits of dumplings cooked in a grape sauce which was lovely.

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