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Heading up the Sunset Trail



Nancy moving on up hill


The trail meandering it's way up toward Picacho Peak

Nifty little guy

The ribbing from a dead saguaro




It's so green that it looks like Ireland

Picacho Peak

Nancy heading toward Picacho Peak



Very comfortable trail to walk





Part of the difficult 1 mile of the trail

Nancy doing her thing

Wide open spaces

Dead saguaro

Len doing his thing


Flowers by Nancy


Flowers by Nancy

Pretty big cave

Wonder how long they've been there

I love this view!

More great views!

Picacho Peak in the background

It just kept getting better as we moved along



Pushing on up hill

Flowers by Nancy

We had to be out of Picacho Peak campground by about noon, so we decided to get up early and walk part of the 6.2 mile round trip Sunset Trail. The first 2 miles are described as moderate, and the last mile is described as difficult. We ended up doing most of the moderate part of the trail, leaving the difficult part to others, which amounted to somewhere between a 3.5 and 4 mile hike.

The recent rains have really turned the desert green, to the point that it almost looks like pictures that I've seen of Ireland. This was truly a great trail, and some time I may be up to doing the whole thing including the difficult parts. The problem is that due to budgetary problems in Arizona this park is scheduled to be closed in June of this year. What a travesty that will be. This park, campground, and trails are some of the very best that I've experienced, but we may never again be able to experience it if the state follows thru with their plan to close this along with about 30 others state wide. This recession is really hitting Arizona hard, and they don't have the option to live beyond their means like the federal government can. Hopefully, this is only a temporary closing, to be opened again when the economy improves.

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