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Taxi to Kankan



I got up at first light in the morning, packed and left the hotel, I walked the half hour to the taxi stand and only had a brief wait before the first taxi left to Mamou, the junction town for the main Conakry Bamako road. The taxi thought I was going to Konakry and took me past the bus station that I wanted for Kankan but fortunately it was still quite cool and the walk back not too far. At the right bus station I found a taxi going to kankan, waited a couple of hours for it to fill up and off we went. There was a big mama in the front seat, with a fortunately skinny papa, and she dominated the taxi and it's driver if she wanted to stop we stopped, and stopped and stopped. At last my patience broke and I shouted out "what the flip are we stopping for now", that one turned out to be prayer time and I think I'd put my foot in it again.

Once again a taxi arrived at sunset. I didn't have enough local currency left to get out of Guinea or even pay the hotel so I explained to the receptionist and headed to the bank. They had an ATM but the guards had locked it up for the night. I went ballistic withthem and tried to explain the whole point of ATMs but it fell on deaf ears. Eventually I found a "supermarket who changed some CFA into Guinea Francs for a poor rate. The supermarket is described in Lonely Planet as "well stocked", to me it was befitting of a cold war shop in Moscow.

Back at the hotel I oredered the only choice on the menu, chicken. She said it would need to be prepared and I said that wasn't a problem, however after 2 hours I started to get frustrated, after 3 I started being sarcastic with themanager but he must have been American trained (Liberian) as it went straight over his head. After 3 hours and 15 minutes I told him that if I didn't get my chicken in the next 15 minutes I was going to bed - I went to bed hungry.

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